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Online News Site, PHP open source free software for publishers

Online News Site adjusts the page format for the visitor's screen size, a responsive design to the device's viewport. Content remains unchanged across desktop computers, tablets, e-readers and mobile phones.

Hardcover LLC, a software services company, provides Online News Site. Let us know if we can assist you with set up, collaboration or custom enhancements.

Online News Site is free software dual licensed under the MIT or GNU General Public License, Version 2. There are no limits on the number of users, subscribers or the amount of time the software can be used for free.


Paywall optional

As initially configured in the download, Online News Site allows unrestricted access to the news, but requires free user registrations to place classified ads and to contribute articles. Because paid subscriptions must be configured specifically for each system, a paywall is a paid custom service. Online News Site can be set up for free evaluation and use, with optional customizations added later.

The news index

Administrative links are where expected in the upper right while the news gets the most valuable real estate on the page, the left column. The lead article gets a lead-sized image. Commercial ads and coupons get the right column of most pages, just below the menu.

To expose the visitor to a variety of ads, ads sort in a random order as a visitor navigates the site unless a sort order is specified. When logged in, the menu displays additional items available only to registered users.

A responsive design adjusts the page format for the visitor's screen size, the declared viewport, while the content remains unchanged between browsing devices. Below is how the page above looks on a mobile device.

Article pages

News articles have an uncluttered focus and an easy-reading format.

On news article pages, the left and right margins increase on large screens — the screen shot above is of a full-HD screen — and decrease on small screens as shown below.

How we get the news changes

The goal of design, to put focus on the content, has remained unchanged over time. Yet technology, habits and expectations change. Suggested enhancements to Online News Site likely to be added to a future release will be coded for free.

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