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Online News Site, PHP open source free software for news publishers

Online News Site is free software dual licensed under the MIT or GNU General Public License, Version 2. There are no limits on the number of articles, subscribers or the length of time the software can be used for free.

Services associated with evaluation and set up are free. With open-source software, the choice of support is yours, perhaps a local or an in-house resource. An optional support subscription is available for ongoing services like feature collaboration and the installation of software updates. For educational and other not-for-profit organizations, ongoing services are also free.


Take a look

An example of the public website is available. The editing system is not accessible from the public website.

How we get the news changes

The goal of design, to put focus on the content, has remained unchanged over time. Yet technology, habits and design elements change. Suggested enhancements to Online News Site likely to be added to a future release will be coded for free.

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